An exception

(I came across this draft from a few years back, when the idea of Milei as president of Argentina was almost absurd.)

I came across Luis Novaresio’s interview with Javier Milei. In the first few minutes, the journalist is interested in the economist’s love for his dog (“my son”); he mentions that when he was down, literally lying on the floor, his dog was the only one that didn’t kick him (in other words, humans abandoned him, but not his animal).

These things reminded me of an idea from the prince of paradoxes, and with this idea, that I have a beer in the fridge.

Whatever a human being is, he is an exception. If he is not the image of God, then he is a scum of the dust. If he is not a divine being that fell from the sky, he can only be an animal that lost its head. […] A human being is always something worse or something better than an animal, and the mere argument of the latter’s perfection does not affect him. In sex, no animal is chivalrous or obscene. Also, no animal has invented anything as bad as drunkenness… nor as good as drinking. (G.K. Chesterton)